Intoxicated driver charged in fatal Dubuque County crash

A male suspected drunk driver in Dubuque County has been charged after being involved in a fatal car accident, KCRG-TV9 reported on April 6.

According to reports, the passenger in the vehicle was killed when the vehicle they occupied rolled over into a ditch. The vehicle initially lost control on Holy Cross when the accident took place. The drunk driving accident victim, identified as 30-year-old man from Holy Cross, was pronounced dead at the crash site. A charge of driving a vehicle while under the influence was filed against the driver, who was reported to be 25 years old. Further investigation into the details of the accident is being conducted by the sheriff’s office.

The Iowa lawyers of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., know that family members who have lost their loved ones in accidents caused by intoxicated drivers must cope with great challenges, including emotional grief and financial difficulties. Our deepest thoughts go to the people who are grieving from this great loss.

Drunk driver busted for injuring female pedestrian

A male Des Moines resident recently was arrested and charged with intoxicated driving after crashing his vehicle into an establishment and injuring someone, The Des Moines Register reported on March 15.

Des Moines police arrested a 36-year-old man for crashing into the facade of a nightclub. Reports said the incident happened at around 10:00 p.m. on the south lane of Southwest Seventh Street; the man’s vehicle was seen speeding, and he ran through a red traffic light before crashing into View Nightclub. A woman who was not identified was injured after she was struck by a parked vehicle that the intoxicated man’s vehicle hit. The suspect stated that he lost control of his vehicle after another vehicle swerved in front of him. He also denied driving his vehicle with excessive speed.

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Iowa driver ticketed for crashing into local nail salon

A reckless driving citation was given to a Dubuque driver for crashing a rented vehicle into a nail salon, an article on KCRG reported on February 28.

According to reports, the parking lot accident happened at around 6:20 a.m. at the “Nails for U” salon in Dubuque. Though the salon was already operating with some customers inside, no one reportedly was injured when the car crashed the salon’s glass facade. However, the accident cost was estimated to reach $10,000 worth of damages. Police said the driver accidentally stepped on the gas pedal of the parked vehicle just outside the salon. According to what the driver told authorities, he thought that the vehicle was in “park” mode when he stepped on the gas. The vehicle was also was damaged in the accident.

Though no one was reportedly injured in the recent accident in Iowa, the lawyers of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., know that this is not often the case when a driver acts carelessly. If you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, call our offices at 877-327-2600 to learn how we may advocate on your behalf.

Two teachers killed in Iowa motorcycle accident

A recent single-vehicle motorcycle accident near Norwalk left two people dead. Iowa authorities have already identified the fatalities and funerary preparations are underway, KCCI News 8 reported on February 23.

The Iowa State Patrol named the fatalities as Jon Richeson and Lanette LeCroy, who were both teachers. LeCroy reportedly was a passenger on a motorcycle driven by Richeson when they crashed at around 5:00 p.m. on the southbound side of the Highway 5 bypass. Authorities said the motorcycle struck a cable barrier after Richeson lost control while traveling around a curve. Authorities were notified that the motorcycle involved in the crash had stability problems–meaning, there was knowledge prior to the accident that the motorcycle was sometimes difficult to control. Authorities in Iowa are investigating the fatal motorcycle crash.

A vigil was held on Monday for LeCroy and Richeson. LeCroy was a substitute teacher for the Des Moines school district, while Richeson worked as a well-known teacher at Central Academy.


Couple killed in Atlantic residential blaze

A couple recently died of burn injuries in a residential blaze that took place in Atlantic, Iowa, KCCI News 8 reported on February 5.

According to Fire Chief Mark McNeese, the fire broke out at around 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Responding fire crews reportedly rescued a woman identified as Denise McDaniel. She was pronounced dead after she was airlifted to a hospital in Omaha. Fire crews then recovered the body of Paul McDaniel after entering the burning house for the second time. McNeese believed that the fire was probably sparked by an explosion. Authorities are currently investigating the fatal residential fire.

The Iowa legal team of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. is deeply saddened for the families and friends who are suffering from the recent loss of their loved ones.

Over 50K new Cherokee Jeep models under investigation for fire risk

More than 500,000 recent models of Jeep Cherokees are being investigated by federal auto safety authorities due to complaints of engine compartments catching fire, Reuters reported on January 16.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will initially evaluate at least 50,415 new models of Jeep Cherokees vehicles that have been reported to be at risk of catching fire. The NHTSA probe was initiated after two separate complaints of Jeep SUV’s catching fire were brought earlier this month. According to the complaints, nobody was injured in these two incidents.

Great financial loss and physical injury can occur when a vehicle is defective or suddenly malfunctions. The Iowa lawyers at the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., however, believe you should not be held responsible for damages when a negligent manufacturer was actually liable for your accident. Call our office at 877-327-2600 today to speak with an experienced product liability attorney about your options for pursuing financial compensation.

Des Moines suing neighboring counties for polluting city’s water supply

The Des Moines Water Works recently stated that they are suing nearby counties for contaminating the rivers that provides potable water to the city, NPR reported on January 12.

General Manager of the agency Bill Stowe said the nitrogen fertilizers used by farmers on the cornfields are converted into nitrate when they go into the two rivers through the drainage systems made by three upstream counties. In large amounts, nitrate chemical can pose health hazards that are particularly dangerous to babies under 6 months old. The Des Moines Water Works already forwarded a formal letter to the counties involved in contaminating the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers. Aside from contaminating the city’s potable water, the pollutants also kill aquatic life.

The Iowa toxic tort lawyers of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., know that many people suffer as a result of hazardous chemicals that contaminate water sources. If this happens to you or to a loved one, we may possibly help you get treatment funds from the negligent parties. Call us today at 877-327-2600 to learn more about your options.

Two hurt in Iowa truck accident

Two truck drivers on December 29 suffered injuries after getting involved in an accident in Iowa, an article on reported.

Reports said the two-truck accident occurred at around 2:00 a.m. on Highway 13 and Hess Lane. Trailer truck driver Debra Kiser reportedly was moving to the shoulder when another truck struck her from behind. The truck driver who caused the collision, identified as Joe Lomax, said he did not see the other truck. A statement from the sheriff’s office said that both drivers were transported to a hospital in Cedar Rapids, but are expected to make a full recovery.

Sadly, many people involved in truck accidents are often left severely injured or even permanently disabled. However, compensation may be awarded to you if reckless drivers are liable for your sufferings. Find out how the legal team of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. may advocate for you today by calling 877-327-2600.

Vehicle passenger dead in Indianola car accident

A male occupant died and three people sustained injuries in a car accident that recently occurred in Indianola, a December 16 article on The Des Moines Register reported.

Reports provided by the Indianola Police Department revealed that the two-vehicle accident happened on Highway 65 before 7:00 p.m. on December 15. One vehicle’s passenger, identified as Jimmy Johnson of Des Moines, reportedly was sitting in the backseat when their vehicle was rear-ended. Johnson, 33, died in the accident while the drivers of the two vehicles and an additional passenger were given medical attention for the injuries they suffer in the collision. The Iowa State Patrol is still investigating the fatal vehicular accident.

The lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. send their condolences to the family and friends who are devastated in the recent loss of their loved one.

Iowa family claims defective airbag killed their relative

A family in Iowa is claiming that a defective airbag was responsible for the death of their relative in 2003, an article on reported December 3.

According to Kim Kopf, her sister Charlene Weaver was the victim of a faulty Takata airbags. Weaver, who was the passenger in the vehicle, reportedly suffered a cranial fracture caused by projectiles originating from the airbag. Kopf’s family discovered that Charlene’s vehicle was included in the Takata recall; however, the company is only recalling cars in parts of U.S. with a humid climate. The family is considering conducting their own investigation and possible filing a lawsuit after more news involving the recalled airbags continue to appear.

The Iowa legal team of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. strongly believes that families who lost their relatives in car accidents caused by defective vehicles should not have to also suffer financial stresses in the wake of this incredibly difficult time. If you are in such a situation, our lawyers will help you figure out if negligent parties are liable for your sufferings. Discuss your case with us today at 877-327-2600 to find out how we can work for you.

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