NHTSA probing thousands of faulty Harley-Davidson bikes

After receiving complaints, several of which resulted in injury, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating thousands of Harley-Davidson motorcycles with potential defects, Fortune reported.

According to reports, the investigation will span 430,000 motorcycles that are equipped with an anti-lock braking system, or ABS, which may suddenly malfunction. Complaints revealed that the feature, intended to prevent motorcyclists from experiencing braking problems in an emergency, has failed them in various situations. In the 43 complaints received by the NHTSA regarding the braking issue, at least three accidents and two injuries have happened. The recent problem appears to be the opposite of Harley-Davidson’s 2014 issue that affected 60,000 motorcycles; then, the brakes would suddenly engage. A spokesperson for the company said they are cooperating in the NHTSA’s investigation.

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Thousands of fireworks recalled in the U.S.

A Missouri-based company issued a recall on July 1 covering 14,000 units of fireworks, an article of cpsc.gov stated. The fireworks can potentially cause harm to nearby spectators.

The “Black Cat Cone Fountains” produced by Winco Fireworks may rupture and scatter pyrotechnic particles outward rather than upward as intended. Fireworks spectators and bystanders are at a high risk of sustaining burn injuries if the fountains malfunction. Although no one sustained injuries before the recalled was issued, Winco received three consumer complaints of malfunctioning fireworks. Consumers were advised not to ignite the fountains and to return them to Winco to get a refund or a product exchange.

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