Iowa Truck Driver Fatigue Attorneys

Unfortunately, while it makes sense that only the most experienced and aware drivers should be allowed to operate these vehicles, truck drivers are sometimes careless. As a result, these already dangerous vehicles become all the more threatening because of negligent drivers. One of the most serious truck threats is driver fatigue.

Truck drivers sometimes go many hours or even days without properly sleeping in order to make it to their destination as soon as possible. They may take a variety of medications meant to keep them awake which may add to their questionable mental awareness while driving as well. Our Iowa truck driver fatigue attorneys believe that truck drivers should be held accountable for putting other innocent drivers at increased risk for injury or death.

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Consequences of Driver Fatigue

Driving while fatigued is in many ways comparable to driving while under the influence of alcohol. The effects of doing so may include:

  • Over-compensation for error
  • Missing road signs or exits
  • Drifting between lanes

Truck drivers should never be allowed to place lives in danger in exchange for the possibility of extra cash. Our Iowa fatigue truck driving accident lawyers believe that truck drivers who harm others should be held responsible for the damage they cause.

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