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Semi trucks contribute to thousands of fatal accidents in the United States every year. There are a number of things –such as size, weight and pressure on brakes and tires – that make these trucks an inherent hazard. But while the majority of truck drivers and truck companies abide by government restrictions put into place for safety, there are a number of trucks on the road that disregard safety protocol and pose a threat to everyone on the road.

One of the safety standards that is often overlooked is a properly secured load. An improperly secured load can cause a number of different issues contributing to accidents on the highway. This is why the Iowa improperly secured load attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. are committed to holding these negligent truck drivers responsible for their actions. To learn what our lawyers can do for you, contact us today at 877-327-2600.

Possible Effects of Improperly Secured Loads

Some possible negative results of improperly secured loads include:

  • Loose objects falling into the road
  • Loose objects directly hitting car windshields
  • Loss of control of the truck as objects fly from the back

An improperly secured load is a road accident waiting to happen. Drivers who refuse to properly secure what they are carrying are putting the lives of many innocent people in danger. When this negligent behavior harms innocent people, our Iowa improperly secured load lawyers work hard to win justice for victims.

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