Iowa Train Operator Fatigue Lawyers

Operating a powerful, fast-moving vehicle like a train requires a great deal of attention. Between checking the condition of the train, the condition of the rails and the potential for objects on the railway, a train operator must remain constantly alert in order to avoid dangerous accidents. Train operators, whether transporting people in an urban environment or a hauling cargo across the country must avoid working while fatigued so that they do not endanger themselves and others.

If you have been hurt or suffered losses because of a train accident and believe that operator fatigue may have contributed to that loss, an experienced train accident attorney can help you to determine whether legal action is appropriate. Contact the Iowa train operator fatigue lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C., by calling 877-327-2600.

Hours of Service Violations

Trains often operate for extended periods of time, driving late through the night or even running for whole days. Whether a train operator is driving a passenger train or a cargo train, they are responsible for the safety of their passengers or freight. Violating hours of service regulations can result in serious fatigue and an increased risk of an accident. Beyond this, illness, medications, or irresponsible behaviors outside of work might also lead to dangerous fatigue. The following are representative of the kinds of failures that may be associated with a fatigued operator:

  • Failure to observe dispatch communications
  • Failure to observe track-based signals and signs
  • Failure to comply with speed restrictions
  • Failure to slow in response to objects on the railroad tracks

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If you believe operator fatigue contributed to your train accident, you may be able to seek compensation for your loss. Please contact the Iowa train operator fatigue lawyers at LaMarca Law Group, P.C., by calling 877-327-2600.

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