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Because of the high cost of medical procedures, many hospitals around the country are only approving procedures and surgeries that are absolutely necessary. When this happens, many patients may not receive the proper treatment they need for their condition to improve. Doctors owe patients a certain duty of care, which includes the treatment of patients according to their symptoms. When doctors or hospitals fail to perform the necessary treatment, they are acting negligently and putting patients’ lives at risk.

If you or someone you know has suffered because of a doctor’s failure to treat your condition, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation. You should not have to suffer the financial, physical, and emotional consequences of delayed treatment. Call the Iowa failure to treat attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., today at 877-327-2600 to discuss your legal options in this situation.

Types of Failure to Treat Cases

Thousands of Americans are affected by medical malpractice cases every year across the United States. One serious form of this crime is failure to treat. Some common examples of failing to treat patients include:

  • Not administering necessary or required medical tests
  • Delaying important treatment
  • Not informing the patient of all of his or her treatment options
  • Not sending the patient to a specialist

Unfortunately, failing to treat can lead to other serious health concerns for the patients. For instance, this delay in treatment can cause the disease or condition to worsen, sometimes to the point that it may become incurable.

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If you are the victim of hospital negligence, resulting in failure to treat, you are not alone. Call the Iowa failure to treat lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., today at 877-327-2600 to schedule a free consultation with one of our professional legal representatives.

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