3 dead and 2 injured after driver plows through Walmart store

At least three people were confirmed dead and two others were injured in a recent incident where a vehicle plowed into Walmart’s facade in Pella, Iowa, an article of CBS News reported on December 2.

Information coming from witnesses said the 66-year-old Knoxville man was driving on December 1st at a high rate of speed when he struck the store’s glass facade and drove inside the store. The fatalities were two Walmart staffers and a shopper. Another shopper and the vehicle driver responsible for the collision sustained injuries as well. It was not clear during the incident if the driver was under the influence of intoxicants or if he had a medical condition when the crash took place.

Records showed he does not have any traffic or criminal violations. A state official told reports they think what happened was an accident and it may take some time for them to finish the investigation. As of reporting, no charges have been filed against the driver.

One dead in Iowa pedestrian accident

A man recently struck by a vehicle in Davenport, Iowa died as a a result of the serious injuries he sustained from the crash, a report of KWQC stated on Monday, November 14.

Information coming from Davenport police confirmed the 26-year-old man from Iowa City was pronounced dead on November 12, several days after he was struck by a vehicle in the 800 block of East Locust Street. The accident occurred on November 9 when the man was on the north side of the street at approximately 11:00 p.m. and the vehicle traveling on the same path struck him. The pedestrian, whose name was not released, was believed to have suffered life-threatening injuries when responding crews brought him to a local hospital.

After the incident, authorities did not file any charges or issue citations, and the driver who struck the pedestrian was not identified. Authorities also reported they are still conducting an investigation regarding the fatal accident.

Porsche facing wrongful death lawsuit from father of deceased actor

German automaker Porsche is facing a lawsuit in which the father of deceased actor Paul Walker claimed his son wrongfully died in the fiery Los Angeles car accident in 2013, according to a NBC News report.

According to the November 25 lawsuit filed by the legal counsel of Paul Walker III, the Porsche Carrera GT 2005 occupied by the late actor at the time of his death did not have sufficient “safety features.” The “Fast and Furious” movie actor died when the vehicle he was riding in collided with a lamppost and a tree on November 30, 2013. Professional race driver Roger Rodas, who was driving at the time, also died in the crash. The lawsuit also alleged that the seat belt restraining Walker contributed to his injuries and prevented him from surviving the accident.

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Two dead in collision between motorcycle and pickup in Davenport

A motorcyclist in Davenport recently died as a result of his injuries after a pickup truck driven by an allegedly impaired person collided with him, an article by KWQC reported on August 17.

On August 11, a northbound motorcycle operated by a 27-year-old man was hit by a pickup truck driver as he crossed the intersection and into the motorcyclist’s lane on 3rd Street. Both the motorcyclist and the pickup truck driver died as a result of this collision.

Although the Davenport Police Department initially believes that the pickup driver was driving while impaired, this situation remains under investigation.

Mother of fatal dog attack victim speaks in court

The mother of a 4-year-old girl who was brutally attacked and killed by a neighbor’s dog in Prairie City in 2013 took the stand against the dog’s owner, who used to be a close friend, KCCI 8 reported on May 7.

According to reports, the victim’s mother was in tears while talking about her daughter but confirmed during a cross examination that she initially did not blame the dog’s owner. That changed, however, when she learned more details about what had happened and saw her daughter’s wounds first hand at the hospital. A crew member of the medical response team in the April 2013 incident said that he saw the little girl lying lifeless on the ground, and even then, the dog exhibited signs of aggression. The female dog owner was charged in relation to the fatal dog attack incident.

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Intoxicated driver charged in fatal Dubuque County crash

A male suspected drunk driver in Dubuque County has been charged after being involved in a fatal car accident, KCRG-TV9 reported on April 6.

According to reports, the passenger in the vehicle was killed when the vehicle they occupied rolled over into a ditch. The vehicle initially lost control on Holy Cross when the accident took place. The drunk driving accident victim, identified as 30-year-old man from Holy Cross, was pronounced dead at the crash site. A charge of driving a vehicle while under the influence was filed against the driver, who was reported to be 25 years old. Further investigation into the details of the accident is being conducted by the sheriff’s office.

The Iowa lawyers of the LaMarca Law Group, P.C., know that family members who have lost their loved ones in accidents caused by intoxicated drivers must cope with great challenges, including emotional grief and financial difficulties. Our deepest thoughts go to the people who are grieving from this great loss.

Vehicle passenger dead in Indianola car accident

A male occupant died and three people sustained injuries in a car accident that recently occurred in Indianola, a December 16 article on The Des Moines Register reported.

Reports provided by the Indianola Police Department revealed that the two-vehicle accident happened on Highway 65 before 7:00 p.m. on December 15. One vehicle’s passenger, identified as Jimmy Johnson of Des Moines, reportedly was sitting in the backseat when their vehicle was rear-ended. Johnson, 33, died in the accident while the drivers of the two vehicles and an additional passenger were given medical attention for the injuries they suffer in the collision. The Iowa State Patrol is still investigating the fatal vehicular accident.

The lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. send their condolences to the family and friends who are devastated in the recent loss of their loved one.

Iowa family claims defective airbag killed their relative

A family in Iowa is claiming that a defective airbag was responsible for the death of their relative in 2003, an article on kcrg.com reported December 3.

According to Kim Kopf, her sister Charlene Weaver was the victim of a faulty Takata airbags. Weaver, who was the passenger in the vehicle, reportedly suffered a cranial fracture caused by projectiles originating from the airbag. Kopf’s family discovered that Charlene’s vehicle was included in the Takata recall; however, the company is only recalling cars in parts of U.S. with a humid climate. The family is considering conducting their own investigation and possible filing a lawsuit after more news involving the recalled airbags continue to appear.

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Family suing Chrysler over Michigan fatal Jeep accident

The relatives of a pregnant woman who was killed in a recent fiery Jeep accident have decided to file a claim against the vehicle manufacturer, CBS Detroit on November 18 stated.

According to an attorney representing White family, Kayla’s 2003 Jeep Liberty was included in a massive Chrysler recall. The recall called for a trailer hitch to be installed in the designated vehicles to prevent the fuel tank from being struck from behind. Kayla, who was eight months pregnant, died after her Jeep reportedly ignited when another car rear-ended her on Lodge Freeway. The lawyer claimed that Kayla attempted to have her vehicle repaired but she was told that the component that needed to be installed was unavailable. Chrysler stated that they had enough parts stocked for the recalled vehicles. The fatal crash is still being probed by authorities in Michigan.

The Iowa lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. send their deepest thoughts to the family and friends who are suffering from the sudden loss of their loved one.

Anthon construction worker killed in accident

A construction worker from Anthon, Iowa was recently killed in his workplace in Correctionville, an article of Fox 44 reported on Wednesday, October 8.

Reports coming from Correctionville Police Department state that the fatal event happened on October 7  around 1:00 p.m. when 49-year-old Daniel Lewis Uhl was crushed by a piece of construction equipment. The team was working on tasks to replace a bridge when the accident occurred. Uhl died at the scene before rescuers had a chance to respond.

The Iowa lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. would like to express their deepest sympathies to the relatives and close friends of Mr. Uhl who are currently grieving their loss.

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