1 injured in Iowa tractor-trailer accident

An Iowa man recently suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident after the vehicle he was driving crashed into a tractor-trailer truck, an article in the Sioux City Journal reported on July 15.

Information coming from the Spencer Police revealed that the pickup driver from Everly sustained injuries that they believed to be “incapacitating.” Reports revealed that the two-vehicle collision occurred at the 38th Avenue West and West 18th Street intersection. The tractor-trailer driven by a Mason City man was hit by the pickup while making a left turn onto 38th Avenue West. Responding authorities brought the pickup driver to the hospital while the truck driver, who was not injured in the incident, was given a citation after investigations showed that he failed to yield before making a left turn.

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Two hurt in Iowa truck accident

Two truck drivers on December 29 suffered injuries after getting involved in an accident in Iowa, an article on kcrg.com reported.

Reports said the two-truck accident occurred at around 2:00 a.m. on Highway 13 and Hess Lane. Trailer truck driver Debra Kiser reportedly was moving to the shoulder when another truck struck her from behind. The truck driver who caused the collision, identified as Joe Lomax, said he did not see the other truck. A statement from the sheriff’s office said that both drivers were transported to a hospital in Cedar Rapids, but are expected to make a full recovery.

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