Study targets the safeness of tractors for children

Farms pose dangerous risks for teenagers, who are four times more likely to become injured on a farm than at any other workplace.

Researchers and scientists at the University of Iowa are conducting a study in order to determine the developmental skills of children in regards to operating farming machinery. They plan on using driving simulators to see when these teenagers are mentally ready to get behind the wheel of tractors.

The researchers hope that the results of this study will set guidelines for parents of children on farms in order to prevent tractor accident deaths. These types of accidental deaths are the leading cause of fatalities among children who work in the agricultural field.

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Tired drivers are more likely to cause an accident, study suggests

A study that appeared in the “Archives of Internal Medicine” found a link between tired drivers and car accidents.

There were 700 participants who were surveyed for the study. Each one of them had been hospitalized for more than one day due to accidents they sustained in a car accident. It was determined by police that more than 50 percent of the patients were in the hospital because of accidents they had caused.

The results from the study revealed that driving under the influence and sleepy driving were connected to a rise in car accidents. A surprising result from the study showed that medication that included side effects for operating machinery were not connected to an increase in accidents, but rather a lower risk.

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