Lawsuit Filed Over California Elevator Fall

Two women in California have filed a lawsuit over an elevator fall.

According to Orange County Superior Court documents, Janet Hsu and her mother, Sufeir Hsu, became trapped in the elevator at Park Plaza in Irvine California for about an hour, despite a quick response by Fire Authorities. The lawsuit names building owner The Irvine Co., ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp., and ThyssenKrupp’s service division as defendants.

The plaintiffs are seeking $20,666 for medical and therapy costs, in addition to unspecified amounts for physical, mental, and emotional suffering. The two women are representing themselves on the civil complaint.

According to the lawsuit, the Hsus entered the elevator and pressed the button for the second floor. The elevator passed the second floor and continued to the 12th floor, and then fell. “The elevator rapidly descended, we fell hard on the floor inside the elevator, and the light fixtures like the metal brackets and glass from the ceiling started falling down, too,” the lawsuit states.

The Irvine Co. Senior Vice President Erin K. Freeman released a statement saying: “The Irvine Company is committed to the safety of its tenants and their visitors. We are vigilant in the maintenance of our equipment and continually reinvest in our properties to ensure they exceed industry quality standards. As a matter of policy, we do not comment on pending litigation.”

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