Winter weather causes fatal crash in western Iowa

On Wednesday, a Honda Element was pulling a trailer on Highway 370, just east of the Bellevue, Neb. toll bridge in western Iowa lost control and crashed into another car.

The driver died in the crash, and the female driver of the other car was sent to Creighton University Medical Center with minor injuries.

Iowa State Patrol blames the wintry weather for the fatal crash.  Our deepest thoughts and condolences are with the victim’s family at this time.

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Deadly Crash Cause May Have Been Texting

According to Radio Iowa, 17-year-old Jennifer Flockhart from Mechanicsville was likely typing a text message before she crashed her vehicle on July 5. In eastern Iowa, Flockhart flipped her car into a ditch and was killed.

An Iowa Department of Public Safety Spokesperson said that police located an unfinished text on the girl’s cell phone. Radio Iowa quotes Iowa DPS spokesperson Jessica Lown, “‘Unfortunately, we have some evidence to indicate that she may have been texting while she was driving and it may have been a contributing factor to the accident that took her life,” Lown said.'”

Iowa has officially made it illegal to text and drive simultaneously. This year, motorists will only receive a warning for the dangerous behavior. Next year, the fines will ensue.

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