Iowa nursing home chief fined for incompetence

After failing to secure residents from two registered sex offender residents, a nursing home chief in Iowa was ordered to pay $500 fine by the Iowa Board of Nursing Home Administrators.

The Nursing Home Board found former Pomeroy Care Center Administrator, Susan Juilfs, guilty of professional incompetence after failing to protect residents from sex offenders, William Cubbage and John Steinkamp.

Juilfs served as Pomeroy’s administrator from 1983 to 2011. Aside from paying the fine, Juilfs was ordered to undergo 20 hours of continuing education, attend specialized staff training, and inform the board of future violations that occur within the nursing home.

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Iowa worker injured while on the job

An Iowa worker was injured in a car accident Wednesday. According to police reports, the accident occurred near Interstate 35 in Ankeny.

The worker apparently was working on a street light when he was hit by a car. When medical officials arrived, the worker was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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One injured in three-vehicle car accident

One person injured in three-vehicle accident on U.S. Highway 63 in Denver, Iowa.

A semi truck, Ford pickup, and passenger car were all involved in the accident. The passenger car was yielding to traffic on the highway while trying to turn east into a work site.

The driver of the pickup stopped behind the car but the driver of the semi didn’t see the stopped traffic. The semi rear-ended the pickup truck which then hit the passenger car. The 38-year-old driver of the passenger car was transported to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

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Iowa boating accident delayed

The trial in a June boating accident case has been delayed. According to court reports, papers were filed Wednesday to delay the trial, and a new date has not been set.

The accident occurred on the Missouri River. The man operating the boat was allegedly drunk at the time and allegedly caused an accident that killed one and injured another.

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Man dies in accident after his truck hits a cow

A man died in an accident when his truck hit a cow Tuesday. The man was driving down a road in southern Iowa when he hit the cow, which was walking in the middle of the road. 

After hitting the cow, the truck swerved off the road and crashed into a creek, according to police reports. 

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