Thousands of lawnmowers recalled in the US for fire risk

Approximately 4,400 units of heavy duty lawnmowers are being recalled in the U.S. when it was found that the models may catch fire during operation, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported.

The recall affects two models of the “Scag Liberty-Z zero-turn lawnmowers” that are sold by Scag Power Equipment nationwide. According to the recall, the affected lawnmowers may possibly catch fire if gas leaks from the tank. The recalling company is aware of at least five incidents of gas coming out from the tank of the affected lawnmowers. No one was reportedly injured by the lawnmowers before the recall was issued. People who owned the recalled lawnmowers are advised to coordinate with their local dealers to have their units repaired for free.

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Thousands of NVIDIA tablets with fire risks recalled in the US

California-based technology company NVIDIA recently issued a U.S. recall to an estimated 83,000 8-inch tablet computers due to faulty batteries that may pose a fire risk, the U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission stated on July 31.

Reports said the affected 8-inch “NVIDIA SHIELD” computer touch screen tablets may catch fire if the lithium-ion batteries installed emit excessive heat. Though NVIDIA has not received reports of injuries involving the recalled tablets, they received two complaints of overheating batteries that resulted in floor damage. Consumers are advised to refrain from using NVIDIA SHIELD and notify the company to have their tablets replaced for free. The recalled NVIDIA gadgets that are made from China were also sold in Canada.

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IKEA recalls 75K safety gates over potential child injuries

An estimated 75,000 IKEA safety gates in the U.S. and in Canada are being recalled due to the risk of children falling if the gates suddenly detach, a May 12 article of ABC News stated.

Reports said the affected products are equipped with a spring mechanism that may fail to secure the gate when attached between the sides of a door frame. In the 18 cases where the faulty safety gates failed to secure in its intended position, at least three children outside the U.S. reportedly suffered injuries from falling down stairs. Consumers may check out the label that bear article numbers to find out if their safety gates is included in the recall. IKEA also advised consumers who have the recalled gates to return them for a refund.

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Almost one million Trek bikes recalled for dangerous defect

A Wisconsin-based bicycle company issued recall to 998,000 bikes in the U.S. and Canada due to a quick release lever on the front wheel that may cause an injurious bicycle accident, Tech Times reported on April 22.

Reports said the recall affects Trek Bicycles 2000-2015 models that are equipped with a front disc brake and quick release lever. The company was aware of at least three injuries, one of which resulted in a permanent disability. Trek explained that the quick release lever on the front wheel may become loose and contact the disc, causing the bike to suddenly stop during operation. Owners of the affected bikes are advised to have their bikes inspected by their dealers.

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2.3M McDonald’s Happy Meal toys in U.S. and Canada recalled

McDonald’s is recalling an estimated 2.3 million whistle toys in the U.S. and Canada present in Happy Meals for a possible choking risk they may pose to children, CNN reported on November 11.

The recall affects the Hello Kitty plastic toy with a detachable red whistle that has been in Happy Meals since October. At least two children choked on the whistle, according to reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and one needed medical attention. McDonald’s stated that they have already managed to get back 70 percent of the recalled toys and told consumers to keep the whistles away from children. The fast food company will replace the defective toys.

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GM, Toyota, and others sued in the US for faulty airbags

A class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. against controversial airbag maker Takata and ten vehicle manufacturers, an article published on BBC News stated October 28.

In the lawsuit filed in Florida, Takata and car makers like General Motors (GM) and Toyota allegedly failed to inform the public about the potential hazards linked to the airbags though they were previously aware of the problem. People are at risk of sustaining serious injuries because these airbags have been known to burst and discharge metal pieces. Several deaths have already been reported. There are currently an estimated 8 million vehicles in the U.S. with Takata airbags that are being recalled.

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Recall: Corona beer bottles contaminated with glass fragments

Corona Extra voluntarily recalled a small portion of their product in the U.S. that may contain glass bits inside its bottles, KTLA 5 reported on August 20.

Corona Extra Beer that comes in packages of 6, 12, and 18 may possibly contain glass shards inside. stated that less than one percent of the bottles were affected by “a production error” in one of the third-party glass processing plants. The code of the affected packages can be found on the neck of the bottle or on the top of the label. People who might have bought the recalled packages are warned not to consume the products and call the company’s call center at 866-204-9407 to get their money back. Check for more information about the recall and affected product codes.

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Subaru recalls vehicles in cold states due to long-term brake issue

Automaker Subaru recently issued a recall to more than 660,000 vehicles in at least 20 states across America due to a potential braking problem caused by corrosion, WQAD8 reported on July 3.

The recall affects 660,238 vehicles in 20 cold-weather states, including Iowa, that utilize salt on the roads during winter season to provide friction over ice. According to the automaker, the brake lining of some of their vehicle models, old and new, may corrode over time, and drivers may experience problems stopping their vehicles. A Subaru spokesperson stated that they were unaware of any accidents before the recall was issued. In a notice forwarded to the NHTSA, Subaru explained the brake fluid in the vehicles may leak if the linings were exposed to several winter seasons.

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Thousands of triathlon bicycles recalled

Over 3,000 Felt triathlon bicycles sold in the U.S. and Canada were recently recalled due to an reports of a defective steering tube.

The recall affects several 2008 and 2010 models of Felt triathlon bikes with aluminum steer tubes that may easily break. In the event that the bike steering tube breaks, the rider could lose control of the bike.

The Irvine-based company received numerous reports of injuries before issuing the recall. Owners of the recalled Felt bikes have been warned to immediately stop riding the bikes and contact the company for parts replacements.

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Chrysler issues recall for nearly 10,000 cars

On Friday, February 7 Chrysler Group LLC recalled 9,655 vans with possible gas pedal problem.

The recall affects the most recent model of Ram ProMaster Vans. Reports indicate that the accelerator pedal could become stuck in some cases. Chrysler said that the vans are equipped with a brake throttle to counteract any automatic acceleration.

No incidents of injury relating to the defect have been reported.

Design defects can result in serious injury for drivers. If you have been injured because of a manufacturing oversight, you could be eligible for compensation. The attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., represent Iowa injury victims. Call 877-327-2600 to discuss your legal options with a member of our team today.

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