Iowa Senate passes law to enforce strict distracted driving penalties

On Thursday, February 20 Iowa legislators approved a bill to make distracted driving, particularly texting and driving, a primary offense.

Iowa City Police Sgt. Vicki Lalla showed support for the passing of Senate Study Bill 3191. Highway safety groups are also backing the bill due to increasing road accidents involving the use of cellular phones.

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Japanese automaker to recall 13,000 hatchbacks

Nissan, a Japanese automaker, announced that it will recall over 13,000 vehicles that may cause injury in the event of an accident, according to a report from The Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, August 6.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that Nissan will recall 7,707 vehicles of the 2014 Note that have loose or missing bolts in the lower body sill and 7,782 other vehicles with defective latch bolts in the back seat. The agency said these defects can cause injuries should a car crash occur. Nissan confirmed that there are 13,000 hatchbacks affected by the recall.

Owners of the affected vehicles are advised to contact their dealers to have the problems fixed for free.

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UNC cager suspended for reckless driving charge

University of North Carolina’s (UNC) P.J. Hairston was suspended by his coach hours after he was pulled over for reckless driving, a report from USA Today said on July 29.

The 20-year-old leading scorer for UNC was cited for speeding, and careless and reckless driving after he was pulled over by a State Highway Patrol officer while heading southbound on Interstate 85 around 4 p.m. According to UNC coach Roy Williams, Hairston would face serious consequences for the “serious mistakes” he committed.

Charges of illegal possession of marijuana and driving without a license that were filed against Hairston last month were dismissed recently after he complied with court conditions, according to a Durham County court clerk.

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Seasoned journalist Michael Hastings killed in car crash in LA

Rolling Stone magazine correspondent Michael Hastings, 33, was killed in a car wreck in Los Angeles on June 18, according to a statement released by Ben Smith, his editor-in-chief at BuzzFeed.

Supporting details from authorities regarding the journalist’s death were not yet available after Smith announced the sad news on Tuesday, June 18. However, in an earlier report, Los Angeles police said an accident occurred near Hollywood, in which a car was engulfed by fire after it slammed to a tree. The man inside the car was so severely burned that he was not identifiable.

Hastings, who was a contributing editor to Rolling Stone and also wrote for online news site BuzzFeed, wrote a feature that brought down former U.S. commander in chief in Afghanistan.

The legal team of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., sends their sincere condolences to all those touched by this tragic loss.

2 injured in accident in Keokuk

Two people were hurt in a two-vehicle accident that happened in Keokuk the afternoon of May 16.

The Keokuk Police and Fire Departments responded to the accident, which happened around 1 p.m. at the intersection of Plank Road and Main Street. The accident occurred when the vehicle driven by Carroll Dawson, 88, struck a northbound vehicle driven by Carol Peterman, 73. Dawson reportedly went through a stop light and turned right on Main Street. Dawson and her passenger Dorothy Dawson were taken to Keokuk Area Hospital due to multiple injuries they sustained in the crash.

Dawson was cited for failing to obey a traffic control device.

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