Fatal crashes down for Iowa

The number of fatal auto accidents in Iowa for 2009 and 2010 has been at a 50 year low, according to the Iowa State Patrol.

As of this week, there have been 191 fatal traffic accidents on Iowa roads, down from 227 at this time last year. 2009 ended with 372 fatal crashes total, and 2010 is shaping up to have even fewer. Fatalities have not been this low since World War II times.

Paul Rierdan explains this lowering in fatal crashes, despite police budget cuts:

“I think technology has helped a great deal. They locate problems areas. In general I think all departments, city state and county all do that. They locate their areas where they’re having problems, fatalities, bad accidents, speed complaints, whatever and then we can concentrate on those areas.”

The state also has a 93% compliance rate when it comes to buckling up and is the second best ranked state in the nation in terms of alcohol related fatalities.

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Deadly Crash Cause May Have Been Texting

According to Radio Iowa, 17-year-old Jennifer Flockhart from Mechanicsville was likely typing a text message before she crashed her vehicle on July 5. In eastern Iowa, Flockhart flipped her car into a ditch and was killed.

An Iowa Department of Public Safety Spokesperson said that police located an unfinished text on the girl’s cell phone. Radio Iowa quotes Iowa DPS spokesperson Jessica Lown, “‘Unfortunately, we have some evidence to indicate that she may have been texting while she was driving and it may have been a contributing factor to the accident that took her life,” Lown said.'”

Iowa has officially made it illegal to text and drive simultaneously. This year, motorists will only receive a warning for the dangerous behavior. Next year, the fines will ensue.

Three Iowa teenagers injured in two-vehicle accident

Three Iowa teenagers were injured in a two-car accident Sunday. According to police reports, the accident occurred near Westfield, Iowa.

One of the cars involved in the accident may have crossed the center line and caused the accident. When medical officials arrived to the scene, the three teenagers were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. One teenager was in critical condition.

Waterloo couple injured in car accident Friday

A Waterloo couple was injured in a three-car accident Friday. According to police reports, the accident occurred near Mount Vernon.

One van apparently was hit by another van trying to make a turn, causing a third vehicle to lose control and rollover. When medical officials arrived to the scene of the accident, the couple in the car was taken to Iowa City hospital.

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Woman killed in two-vehicle Davenport crash

A car crash that occurred this morning at 2 a.m. in Davenport killed one person and injured several others, according to authorities.

Police report that the 19-year-old Bettendorf driver of a 1995 Cadillac was westbound on Locust when he swerved across the center line, crashing headlong into an eastbound 1997 Chevy SUV driven by a 24-year-old Rock Island man.

A 23-year-old woman who was riding as a front-seat passenger in the Cadillac was killed immediately. The 19-year-old and another passenger in his car, an 18-year-old woman, were injured and taken to a nearby hospital.

Medical authorities expect those who survived the crash to make a full recovery.

Accident results in Davenport pedestrian death

Police report that a Davenport woman was killed in a car-pedestrian accident on Saturday, May 15, in East-Moline.

The incident occurred around midnight as the woman was crossing Avenue of the Cities. There were no traffic lights or crosswalks at the spot that she crossed.

She tripped and fell as she was crossing, and was unable to move out of the way of oncoming traffic.

The woman received serious head, neck, and chest injuries and died at the scene.

New information on Boone county crash

Additional information is now available regarding the truck-ambulance crash that occurred yesterday.

The ambulance was carrying a 75-year-old Carroll man from St. Anthony Regional Hospital to another hospital.

Around 11:30 a.m., on Highway 30 near Beaver, the ambulance turned on its lights attempted to pass a semi-trailer truck.

Both vehicles were in the left lane. The truck driver moved into the right lane to allow the ambulance to pass, but the ambulance driver also moved into the right lane in an attempt to pass the truck.

The ambulance struck the back of the truck. Both the 75-year-old patient and a 53-year-old nurse in the ambulance were killed in the crash. A paramedic in the ambulance and the driver of the ambulance were both critically injured at taken to Greene County Medical Center and Mercy Medical Center for treatment.

Iowa teen drivers amongst worst in nation

According to a recent U.S News & World Report article investigating national teen driving safety, Iowa ranks 49th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This ranking was achieved using information gathered by the federal government and independent organizations, including car accident fatality, road-quality, driver’s license statistics and previous ratings of driving and road and safety laws.

“A lot of the criteria has to do with graduated driving licensing,” said a spokeswoman for the Iowa Department of Transportation, Dena M. Gray-Fisher.

Iowa was one of the first states to pass a graduated driver’s license law, in1999. The law requires that new drivers undergo training and supervision hours. Limitations on when and with whom they may drive are lifted in a gradated manner based on their performance.

Although teens and young drivers comprise only 17 percent of the state’s residents, they are involved in or responsible for 40 percent of car accidents.

“Iowa has had a tendency to have relatively weak teen driving policy,” said Corinne Peek-Asa, director of the University of Iowa’s Injury Prevention Research Center.

Gov. Chet Culver signed into law a bill April 28 that makes it illegal  for those under the age of 17 in the back seat to not wear a seat belt, and on July 1, a ban on teenage cell phone use while driving will be going into effect.

Some teen drivers are responsible and mature. Many others are not, either due to technological distractions (phones), bad decisions (drinking and driving), or a physiological inclination to incorrectly assess threats. If you or someone you know has been injured by a reckless teen driver, contact the Iowa reckless driving attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600.

Iowa man killed, three injured in single-vehicle crash

A 23-year-old Mount Pleasant driver crashed into a tree around 11 p.m. last Friday night on 520 Avenue in rural Crawford County, according to police.

The accident occurred about 200 feet west of 250th street. The driver and his three passengers were headed eastbound on 520 Avenue when he lost control of the car where the road surface changed from asphalt to gravel. Police believe that the man was driving was a high rate of speed, which may have been the cause behind this car accident.

The 2001 Chevrolet Camaro veered off the road and slammed into a tree, ejecting the driver through the windshield. Emergency personnel pronounced him dead at the scene. His passengers were transported to Via Christi and St. John’s Regional Medical Center for head injury treatment.

Argument leads to single-vehicle crash

According to Dubuque police, an argument between a driver and her passenger led to their car crashing into the median at the 151/61 overpass around 12:38 p.m. last Saturday.

The 23-year-old woman and her male passenger were fighting over whether or not the woman should pull over and let the man out. The woman says she does not remember what started the argument but that she refused to let the man out of the vehicle at that location because “he didn’t know where to go because he was from out of town.”

Over the course of the argument the man grew frustrated and jerked the steering wheel out of the woman’s hands while the vehicle was traveling on the highway, crashing it into the median. The man said he did not realize that this would happen because he did not have a driver’s license and had never driven a car.

Both the man and woman were taken to Finley Hospital nearby and released soon thereafter. The woman suffered a broken ankle and has since filed a complaint against the man for being caused a serious injury by a vehicle.

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