Lindsay Lohan sustains minor injuries in 18-wheeler accident

Lindsay Lohan is said to be doing alright after she was involved in an 18-wheeler accident last Friday in Santa Monica.

The actress was traveling on the Pacific Coast Highway when she alleges that the large truck attempted to cut in front of her Porsche Panamera. The collision caused the Porsche to sustain damage largely on the passenger side.

Lohan was with  her assistant at the time, and both of them received minor injuries in the crash. Lohan was taken to the UCLA Medical Center where she was treated and released within a two-hour time span.

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Who is responsible for damages in a commercial trucking accident?

When individuals are involved in accidents with commercial trucks, they are often unsure whether to seek damages from the driver or the trucking company.

In many cases, the driver should seek damages from the trucking company because they are often responsible for their drivers’ damages. However, if the truck driver is found to be negligent, then the driver may be responsible for damages.

Attorneys can often judge on a case-by-case basis whether it is better to seek damages from a driver or trucking company. If you or anyone you know has been injured in a trucking accident, contact the Des Moines truck accident attorneys of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., at 877-327-2600.

The dangers of truck driver taking illegal substances

Truck drivers are on the road for hundreds of hours each month. While most of these drivers are safe and responsible behind the wheel, some truck drivers may take illegal substances, including alcohol and other drugs.

By drinking alcohol or taking these drugs, truck drivers not only put themselves at risk but also put other drivers at risk. While under the influence, these drivers are often unable to operate their vehicle properly and safely. 

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