5-car accident in West Liberty

Candelaria Antonio, 24, of West Liberty, was driving her Ford Explorer on Nov 7 when a vehicle struck her from behind.

Antonio was making on the 900 block of N. Columbus St. into a private drive when Patricia Koenig, 65, of West Liberty, hit Antonio with her van from behind.  Francisco Reyes, 50, of West Liberty, was driving behind Koenig and stopped his car, but a domino effect of collisions began.   Reyes was hit from behind by Fernando Rios, 38, of Muscatine, and Rios was then hit by Leonel Ayala, 29, of West Liberty.

Koenig and Ayala were issued citations for failure to maintain control while driving, and the remaining three were issued citations for failure to carry a valid Iowa drivers license.

Three of the victims were taken to a nearby hospital for injuries.

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Car hits tree, woman injured

A woman from Muscatine lost control of her car and crashed into a tree at Fulliam Park Tuesday. Jane Ingersoll was driving her Jeep Grand Cherokee down Fulliam Ave. when her car swerved off the road, crashed through a fence, and stopped when it hit the tree. 

At the time of the accident, nobody else was in the park, and Ingersoll was the only person injured. When witnesses saw the wreck, they ran over to assist the woman and called medical officials. Ingersoll was then taken to Unity Hospital. 

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Trial set for traffic accident that killed pregnant woman

Thwenty-three-year-old Kristian Jamak will stand trial Oct. 12 for a July 11 accident that killed a pregnant woman. Olivia Rogowski of Des Moines was the passenger of a vehicle that was hit by Jamak's sports utility vehicle when Jamak ran a stop side. 

Rogowski dies at the scene of the accident, and the trial will occur in Polk County. 

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The basics of tire-blowout accidents

Many traffic accidents are caused by tire blowouts. In some cases, the tire blowout is a result of poor tire manufacturing, including design defects, road hazards and maintenance issues. 

In such cases, the tire manufacturer may be liable in the accident. However, if the tire blew because it was old and worn, then the tire manufacturer likely is not at fault because of natural wear-and-tear standards. 

When tires blow out, the car can swerve off the road, hit another vehicle, or even rollover. These tragic accidents often lead to severe injuries.

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Man's death in accident now a supsected suicide

Although Des Moines police officers initially believed a man was killed in a car accident Monday morning, they are now suspecting that the death was the result of a homicide. 

The accident occurred early Monday morning when an automobile struck a tree. But after investigating the scene, officers realized that the car was probably not traveling fast enough to kill the man. 

A neighbor told officers that she heard a gunshot. Des Moines police officials, however, declined to speculate that the victim was shot until an autopsy was performed.

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Riverside man dies en route to motorcycle rally

 A 36-year-old man died Friday night from injuries incurred in a motorcycle accident.

James Ingersoll from Riverside, Iowa was traveling down Interstate 90 in Mount Vernon, S.D. when his motorcyle hit a camper. Mr. Ingersoll was thrown from the bike and died later at a nearby hospital.

Ingersoll was traveling with a group of riders who were going to the annual motorcylce rally in Sturgis.

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