Police officer in Des Moines causes second accident in 5 years

A 28-year-old police officer who joined the Des Moines department in 2007 has allegedly been involved in his second car accident while employed by the department.

This time, the officer was driving his patrol vehicle around 1 a.m. on Tuesday when he struck another vehicle. He continued driving away from the scene of the accident and did not alert other officers until five hours had passed. The patrol vehicle had two flat tires and body damage.

The officer attempted to fabricate a story to cover up the car accident, but his details were inconsistent with the damage to his car. An investigation into the claim revealed his connection with the accident that occurred hours earlier. Additionally, illegal drugs were found inside the vehicle. The amount of drugs that were found were believed to be for personal use.

Two charges were filed against the officer in relation to this early morning accident. He now faces a drug possession charge as well as a traffic violation charge. The investigation into the crash is currently being handled by the Des Moines police department.

The dangers of distracted driving

Cellphones and driving do not go hand-in-hand, and several recent campaigns are trying to shed light on the dangers of distracted driving in order to pass different cellphone bans in the United States.

The simple use of talking on the phone while driving can distract a driver as much as if they were legally intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent. Drivers who send and receive text messages while they are behind the wheel could take their eyes off the road for as long as 4.6 seconds each time. This would be equivalent to driving the length of a football field without looking.

Distracted driving accounts for thousands of deaths and accidents each year in the United States. The month of April has been regarded as the National Distracted Driving Awareness Month by the U.S. Department of Transportation. By informing people of the dangers of distracted driving, the department is hopeful that the number of fatal car accidents associated with this practice can be reduced.

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