Family suing Chrysler over Michigan fatal Jeep accident

The relatives of a pregnant woman who was killed in a recent fiery Jeep accident have decided to file a claim against the vehicle manufacturer, CBS Detroit on November 18 stated.

According to an attorney representing White family, Kayla’s 2003 Jeep Liberty was included in a massive Chrysler recall. The recall called for a trailer hitch to be installed in the designated vehicles to prevent the fuel tank from being struck from behind. Kayla, who was eight months pregnant, died after her Jeep reportedly ignited when another car rear-ended her on Lodge Freeway. The lawyer claimed that Kayla attempted to have her vehicle repaired but she was told that the component that needed to be installed was unavailable. Chrysler stated that they had enough parts stocked for the recalled vehicles. The fatal crash is still being probed by authorities in Michigan.

The Iowa lawyers of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. send their deepest thoughts to the family and friends who are suffering from the sudden loss of their loved one.

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