5-car accident in West Liberty

Candelaria Antonio, 24, of West Liberty, was driving her Ford Explorer on Nov 7 when a vehicle struck her from behind.

Antonio was making on the 900 block of N. Columbus St. into a private drive when Patricia Koenig, 65, of West Liberty, hit Antonio with her van from behind.  Francisco Reyes, 50, of West Liberty, was driving behind Koenig and stopped his car, but a domino effect of collisions began.   Reyes was hit from behind by Fernando Rios, 38, of Muscatine, and Rios was then hit by Leonel Ayala, 29, of West Liberty.

Koenig and Ayala were issued citations for failure to maintain control while driving, and the remaining three were issued citations for failure to carry a valid Iowa drivers license.

Three of the victims were taken to a nearby hospital for injuries.

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