C.R. Bard to Pay $184M to Settle Product Liability Lawsuits

C.R. Bard Inc. has agreed to pay $184 million to settle lawsuits filed against its subsidiary, Davol Inc., over the company’s hernia repair products.

More than 2,700 product liability lawsuits were filed last year over Davol Inc.’s Composix Kugel hernia patches, the majority of those cases were transferred to the U.S. District Court for Rhode Island. The lawsuits were filed by patients who were injured by the mesh patch’s defective recoil ring.

In many cases, the recoil ring used to secure the mesh patch to tissue perforations separated and moved throughout the abdomen, damaging internal organs. Other lawsuits were filed by patients who reported sever pain or other complications following surgery. The lawsuits claim that C.R. Bard failed to adequately warn patients of the risks associated with their product.

Bard announced this week that an unnamed insurance carrier agreed to cover the $184 million settlement. In exchange for the coverage, Bard agreed to quit seeking payment of money it claimed the insurance company owed.

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