Seat Belts Not Used in Most Fatal Crashes

New statistics show that 76 percent of fatal Iowa car crashes in January involved motorists who failed to wear seat belts.

According to preliminary data from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau, there is a significant increase in January over the five year average of 32 percent of deaths involving no seat belt use. “There’s no question, seat belts save lives” said Bureau member Larry Sauer. “The fatality total this month is so unfortunate. If these folks had taken a few moments to buckle up, they might be home with their families right now.”

Preliminary crash report data show that 21 lives were saved in January by seat belts. According to officials, the number of lives saved by safety belts in 2010 reached 184.

Close to 93 percent of Iowans use their seat belts when traveling interstates and highways, officials said.

“As snow continues to fall this winter, the importance of wearing your safety belt should be even clearer,” said Iowa State Patrol Colonel Patrick Hoye. “It would be tragic to continue this unbelted fatality trend into February.”

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