Fatal crashes down for Iowa

The number of fatal auto accidents in Iowa for 2009 and 2010 has been at a 50 year low, according to the Iowa State Patrol.

As of this week, there have been 191 fatal traffic accidents on Iowa roads, down from 227 at this time last year. 2009 ended with 372 fatal crashes total, and 2010 is shaping up to have even fewer. Fatalities have not been this low since World War II times.

Paul Rierdan explains this lowering in fatal crashes, despite police budget cuts:

“I think technology has helped a great deal. They locate problems areas. In general I think all departments, city state and county all do that. They locate their areas where they’re having problems, fatalities, bad accidents, speed complaints, whatever and then we can concentrate on those areas.”

The state also has a 93% compliance rate when it comes to buckling up and is the second best ranked state in the nation in terms of alcohol related fatalities.

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