Drunk driver given 25 year prison sentence

The drunk driver responsible for the drunk driving accident that left three dead earlier this year was sentenced in court today, May 27, to a 25 year prison term.

The man apologized to friends and family of his own as well as of the victims in court, saying “I’m so sorry. I wish I could bring everybody back so we could hang out again. I’ll do everything I promised to do. I love you all.”

When the crash occurred, the man had just left a party at a friend’s place. He was driving eastbound on East River Drive in Scott County around 11:12 p.m. when he struck a pickup truck containing four people.

Three of the people in the truck were killed immediately, and the driver was severely injured. The drunk driver as well as his passenger were both injured as well.

Police who arrived at the scene were able to determine from the extent of the damages to the vehicles that the drunk driver had also been speeding significantly over the speed limit.

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