New information on Boone county crash

Additional information is now available regarding the truck-ambulance crash that occurred yesterday.

The ambulance was carrying a 75-year-old Carroll man from St. Anthony Regional Hospital to another hospital.

Around 11:30 a.m., on Highway 30 near Beaver, the ambulance turned on its lights attempted to pass a semi-trailer truck.

Both vehicles were in the left lane. The truck driver moved into the right lane to allow the ambulance to pass, but the ambulance driver also moved into the right lane in an attempt to pass the truck.

The ambulance struck the back of the truck. Both the 75-year-old patient and a 53-year-old nurse in the ambulance were killed in the crash. A paramedic in the ambulance and the driver of the ambulance were both critically injured at taken to Greene County Medical Center and Mercy Medical Center for treatment.

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