Winter Driving

The approach of winter means holidays, family celebrations… and difficult driving conditions. Ice and snow make roads difficult to navigate, even for the most experienced drivers. If you must drive in winter conditions, use extra precaution and keep in mind these safety tips:

  • Slow down. Driving at slower speeds is best way to avoid accidents in winter weather. It is important to not only drive slowly, but to accelerate and decelerate at gradually.
  • Give yourself extra time to reach your final destination.
  • Always use your headlights to increase your vehicle’s visibility to other drivers.
  • Give yourself plenty of space to come to a stop. Ice and snow make it difficult to stop and increase braking times. If your vehicle has anti-lock breaks, come to a stop by firmly pressing and holding the brake pedal. If your vehicle does not have anti-lock brakes, pump the brake pedal gently instead to bring your vehicle to a safe halt.
  • Reduce your speed before reaching a bridge, an intersection, an exit ramp, or a shady area, since all of these areas may develop “black ice,” ice that is particularly slick and difficult to see.
  • Stay in control of your vehicle by avoiding abrupt acceleration, braking, or turning.
  • Stay aware of traffic far in front of you in order to anticipate accidents and have adequate time to react.
  • Drive safely around large trucks. Cutting close to the front of a large truck can cause an accident since trucks take much longer to stop than other vehicles, especially in winter conditions.
  • Turn off your cruise control so that you are fully in charge of the actions of your vehicle.

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