Why Lead Paint is Dangerous

Lead is a dangerous substance that is especially damaging to young children, whose bodies are still growing. Lead poisoning can cause a variety of problems in young children, including damage to the nervous system, stunted growth, bad hearing, behavioral issues, lower intelligence, or even coma or death. Exposure to an unborn child can lead to these same problems in addition to low birth weight and premature birth. In adults, lead exposure can cause reproductive problems, internal organ disorders, elevated blood pressure, joint and muscle discomfort, and nerve problems.

Before the dangers of lead were known, it was commonly used as a pigment in paint products. It was also added to paint in order to increase drying speeds, resist moisture, and reduce deterioration over time. Although the government has taken steps to regulate lead products and exposure to lead, lead paint can still be found in the United States today. Lead is still commonly found in:

  • Paint from older homes
  • Toys
  • Contaminated soil
  • Roadways

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