Using Your Headlights

Drivers know to turn on their headlights during nighttime hours and during severe storms. However, headlights are useful at other times as well, even during the day. Although the main purpose of headlights is to illuminate your path in low light conditions, headlights are also important to help other drivers quickly see your vehicle and avoid a collision.

Even in daylight conditions, headlights can help other drivers recognize your vehicle and react in a timely manner. The human eye recognizes two bright beams of light faster than it recognizes a form that is not illuminated. So even if conditions are bright enough that your vehicle is visible, headlights are still important to increase the recognition and reaction speeds of other drivers.

In addition to nighttime driving and during inclement weather, other conditions also call for headlight usage in order to keep everyone safe on the road, including:

  • Dusk and dawn. These are some of the most dangerous times to be on the road, since shadows and low light make it difficult to distinguish objects.
  • Fog. Foggy conditions call for low beam lights, since high beams can reflect off of water particles in the air and actually reduce your own visibility.
  • Dusty conditions. Just like fog, dust can dramatically reduce visibility and make it difficult for other drivers to see your vehicle.

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