Tinnitus is a type of condition in which a person hears a continuous ringing sound in the ears, even though that sound is not externally present and is therefore only audible to the affected person. Tinnitus is caused by a variety of factors, including ear infections, buildup of wax, foreign objects in the ear, medication side effects, allergies, and natural hearing loss or impairment through aging.

However, tinnitus can also be caused through hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises. It is important to protect yourself against tinnitus and other noise-induced hearing loss by taking steps to reduce your exposure to loud noises.

Decibel Level

The unit used to measure the intensity of sound is called a decibel, abbreviated dB. Sounds lower than 80 dB are not likely to damage your hearing. However, experts recommend that you wear earplugs to protect against sounds greater than 85 dB.

  • Ticking watch, 20 dB
  • Refrigerator hum, 40 dB
  • Washing machine, 70 dB
  • Alarm clock (at a distance of two feet), 80 dB
  • Loud traffic, 85 dB
  • Hair dryer, 100 dB
  • Chainsaw, 105 dB
  • Screaming child, 110 dB
  • Jackhammer, 130 dB

It is important to avoid loud noises and to use earplugs at loud events in order to protect your ears from hearing loss and resulting conditions such as tinnitus.

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