Swimming Pool Dangers

A swimming pool can be a pleasant and fun addition to any home. Although many families and individuals have swimming pools, not all pool owners are aware of the significant dangers that pools present. Although drowning is always a serious risk, other dangers of swimming pools can include:

  • Drain injuries. Some pools have drains that are too strong and can pull a child underwater, and trap him or her due to the suction. A person can drown in this manner, or may face severe internal damage to organs caused by the pool drain’s suction.
  • Slip and fall injuries. A person walking or running along the edge of a pool is at an increased risk of slipping and falling on the slick surface, especially on surfaces that are not graded properly. Falls onto a hard surface can cause broken bones and head injuries.
  • Cuts and lacerations. Broken, rusty pipes and handlebars, as well as broken tiles, can cause severe injuries.

Pool owners should also be aware of their responsibility to keep neighborhood children safe from accidents in the pool. It is the responsibility of a homeowner to ensure that a pool is properly fenced and secured to keep children out of harm’s way. If a child sneaks onto another person’s property and is injured or killed in a swimming pool, the owner may be partially responsible for the child’s injuries.

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