School Bus Safety

Each day, millions of children take the school bus back and forth to school. Both children and their parents and guardians have a right to assume their basic safety is not compromised by riding the bus. Therefore, it is important for parents, teachers, and others to educate children about how to properly ride, enter, and exit the school bus in order to avoid injury. In addition, drivers need to understand the inherent dangers present as children enter and exit a school bus and should take extra precautions to follow the laws in place to assure their safety.

To keep kids safe on the school bus:

  • Slow down. Busses make frequent and sometimes sudden stops. Colliding with a school bus can seriously injure the children on board.
  • Stop when the bus stops. No matter if you are driving behind the bus, beside the bus, or in the oncoming lane, it is the law to stop when the bus comes to a stop. This is because children may be entering or exiting the bus and need to be able to safely cross the street.
  • Let children cross the street. Come to a complete stop and allow children to cross the road safely, even once the bus has moved on.
  • Exercise caution near bus stops, even when a bus is not present. Kids are unpredictable and may suddenly run into the street after a stray paper or during fun and games.

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