Protecting Children from Animal Bites

Many children love animals and want a pet of their own, but it is important to teach kids how to act safely around animals. Both family pets and stray animals can cause serious bites or scratches, and the results of an animal attack can be devastating. A child may suffer from serious injuries, infections, and a life-long fear of animals after an attack. However, by teaching your child how to act safely around animals, you can help him or her avoid a dangerous situation.

Children may not understand that they are causing an animal fear or pain, increasing the likelihood that it will react dangerously. Teach children to be kind to animals, since animals that are injured or afraid are more likely to attack. It is important to teach children to:

  • Never hurt or frighten an animal by pulling its ears or tail or by playing too roughly.
  • Never keep an animal trapped or restrained in an area where it cannot escape.
  • Leave animals alone if they seem afraid or confrontational.
  • Only pet animals on the sides and the back, not on the face or head. Do not pet cats on their bellies.
  • Leave animals alone while they are taking care of young, eating, sleeping, or chewing on a toy.
  • Leave food in place after giving it to a dog.
  • Never touch an injured animal, but instead ask an adult for help.
  • Stay away from animals on chains or inside vehicles.
  • Never approach stray animals.
  • Always stay away from wild animals.

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