Preventing Hearing Loss

Exposure to loud or continuous noises can cause devastating and permanent hearing loss. If you work in a loud environment or know that you will be present in an area will excessive noise, it is important that you take preventative measures to avoid damage to your ears.

To prevent hearing loss:

  • Keep a pair of earplugs handy in your purse, vehicle, or another easily-accessible place. Use these earplugs in situations in which you will be exposed to loud noises.
  • Keep the volume of your television or your car CD player or radio at low levels.
  • At a movie theater, ask a staff member to lower the volume if it reaches an excessive level. To be safe, bring a pair of earplugs with you.
  • Choose routes that do not bring you past construction sites with loud noises such as power tools and jackhammers.
  • Do not stand or sit directly near loud noise sources, such as speakers at a club or a concert. Instead, choose a place near the back of the room or bring earplugs.

Hearing loss can either be temporary or permanent. The damage that causes temporary hearing loss is typically cured within 16 to 48 hours of exposure to the loud noise. However, permanent damage has no cure, and results when the delicate cells within the inner ear, called cilia, are destroyed beyond repair. By using earplugs and making smart decisions to avoid loud noises, you can help protect yourself from noise-induced hearing loss.

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