Pedestrian Safety Tips

Walking may be healthy and often a pleasant pastime, but it can also be more dangerous than you may realize. Pedestrians face many risks, from cars to unleashed dogs to criminal attacks. Does this mean you need to stay indoors at all times? Of course not. It only means that you need to keep certain safety tips in mind while going on a walk.

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Staying Safe in the Street

A person is never too old or too young to begin learning pedestrian safety. Whenever you are taking a walk, remember these basic tips:

  • Stay in the safe zones. Whenever possible, stick to the sidewalks. Where those are not available, walk on the right side of the street, giving traffic plenty of space. Stay away from railroad tracks, freeways, and other dangerous places.
  • Stay visible. If you need to walk somewhere at night, be sure to wear bright, easy-to-see colors. If you walk at night on a regular basis, you may want to invest in a reflective vest or similar piece of safety gear.
  • Before crossing in front of a car, try to make eye contact with the driver to make sure he or she sees you. Never take chances with traffic; always cross the street at designated crosswalks while obeying traffic signs or lights.

If you have taken reasonable precautions and have still been injured by a negligent or even malicious party, our Iowa pedestrian accident attorneys can help.

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