Lab Safety

In both industrial and research laboratories, dangerous chemicals are used every day for different processes. When chemicals are handled incorrectly or other mistakes are made, disastrous accidents can occur. To prevent laboratory accidents and injuries:

  • Laboratories should have frequent, regular safety inspections by a certified safety team. These inspections can help lab officials ensure that their facility is in compliance with safety regulations and does not pose a threat to workers.
  • Researchers and lab workers should undergo extensive safety training. Accidents are often caused by workers who lack experience and training and who do not understand dangerous practices or chemical interactions. This lack of experience can mean that simple mistakes can have serious consequences.
  • Workers should wear required safety gear. Workers should always wear safety goggles, closed-toed shoes, fire-resistant clothing, lab coats, and other gear when necessary.
  • Labs should be equipped with proper chemical and fire safety equipment to help prevent accidents. A laboratory should have a fire extinguisher for chemical fires, lab showers, eye wash stations, and clearly-marked evacuation routes in case of an emergency.

With regular lab inspections, safety training, and safety equipment, workers are at a reduced risk for injury in a lab fire, explosion, or other accident. If they fail to take these measures, however, they can be legally responsible for any damage or injuries that result.

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