Keeping Kids Safe Around Chemicals

Kids are naturally curious about the products they see adults using every day. It’s important to talk
to kids about safety around dangerous chemicals they might encounter in everyday situations, such as
household or classroom cleaning products. These chemicals should be properly packaged and stored, but
sometimes defects in packaging or improper storage can cause spills, burns, or other injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of defective product packaging or the negligence of another
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Teaching Kids About Chemical Safety

Parents and adults with young visitors should take proper precautions to make sure children stay safe
around chemicals. Keep these safety measures in mind:

  • Parents should talk to their kids about the dangers of household chemicals. Children should know that
    they can be seriously injured or even killed if they touch, ingest, or mix together the products. Point
    out different safety labels on products so that children don’t confuse dangerous chemicals with other
    safe products. Some packaging contains brightly-colored labels to alert consumers of the dangers of
    their products, and many employ the use of a skull-and-crossbones figure to alert children.
  • Be sure to buy chemicals in packaging equipped with childproof caps and containers for the safety of
    curious young children.
  • Store dangerous chemicals out of eyesight and reach of children. Never leave dangerous products unattended,
    especially in the midst of cleaning, when the chemicals may have been transferred to an unmarked container.
  • Be aware of poison control hotline numbers and educate yourself on steps to take in the event of an
    emergency regarding common chemicals.

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