How the Iowa Statute of Limitations Affects Personal Injury Cases

The statute of limitations is a law that specifies the time period that a person has to file his or her personal injury claim in order to receive compensation. Understanding the statute of limitations and how it affects your personal injury case is very important for ensuring that you file your case on time. After suffering in a personal injury accident, some people make the mistake of waiting too long to file their civil lawsuit, preventing them from securing the compensation they deserve.

At LaMarca Law Group, P.C., an Iowa accident attorney can help you fight for financial compensation after a personal injury accident. Not only can we handle every part of your case, but we can also make sure you file your claim within the time period allowed by the statute of limitations. Call us today at 877-327-2600 and schedule a free consultation to learn more.

The Statute of Limitations and Your Case

If you have suffered an injury from someone else’s negligent actions, you need to take legal action as soon as possible to strengthen your chance at receiving financial compensation. In Iowa, the statute of limitations places the following time limits for filing claims for different cases:

  • Two years after the date of the accident in personal injury cases like car accidents
  • Two years after suffering an injury from a faulty product
  • Two years after discovering an injury caused by medical malpractice or another type of professional malpractice

After a personal injury accident, it is important to talk to an injury lawyer who can help you file your claim before the time limit expires for your case.

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If you have been hurt in a personal injury accident, we may be able to help you file for compensation. For more information about your case and the statute of limitations time limits, contact an Iowa accident lawyer of LaMarca Law Group, P.C., today at 877-327-2600.

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