Injuries from Scooters and Motorbikes

Scooters and motorbikes can be very effective modes of transportation, especially in larger cities with heavy traffic and limited parking. In addition to the relative convenience they provide for moving across short distances quickly, they are inexpensive to purchase and maintain, have efficient gas mileage, and can be easily parked in small spaces. For these reasons, many people choose a motorbike or a scooter for their daily commute. Unfortunately, scooters present a unique set of risks for injury.

Causes of Scooter Accidents

Motorbike accidents can occur even to the safest riders, often because of the negligence of other drivers or because of a manufacturing company that fails to adhere to reasonable standards of quality when producing their vehicles. Common reasons for scooter accidents and injuries include:

  • Drivers who fail to notice motorbikes on the road
  • Aggressive drivers who create unsafe conditions for riders
  • Defective or malfunctioning motorbike parts or equipment

Riders can decrease their risk of injury by following all traffic laws, driving defensively, and following recommended safety procedures, such as using headlights even during the day, wearing a helmet, visor or goggles, and a riding jacket. Unfortunately, even the safest driving practices cannot protect you from negligent drivers or hazardous mechanical components.

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