How to Extinguish Grease Fires

Fires in the kitchen often start as the result of grease that overheats on the stove or in the oven and catches fire. Grease fires can cause devastating damages to the home and serious burns to victims. To prevent grease fires, never leave your stove or oven unsupervised when cooking something at a high temperature. If a grease fire does occur, remember that you cannot extinguish it with water. Instead, you must smother it and prevent oxygen from reaching the source. Water will evaporate on contact with the burning grease and will intensify the fire. Water can also cause the grease to splatter and cause burns.

To extinguish a grease fire:

  • Turn off the heat source.
  • Smother the fire using either the lid to the pan, a damp (not wet) towel, baking soda, or a fire extinguisher.
  • If using a lid or a towel, wait for the pan to cool down before lifting the lid or the towel to check if the fire is fully extinguished. Lifting the lid or towel while the pan is still dangerously hot can cause the fire to reignite.
  • If using baking soda, make sure that you are actually using baking soda and not another substance such as sugar or flour. Sugar and flour will both burn upon contact with the grease and cause cause the fire to intensify or cause an explosion.
  • If you feel that you cannot control the fire or are worried about additional damage to your home, do not hesitate to call the fire department to assist you in your situation.

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