Holiday Traffic Accidents

The holidays are a busy time for everyone– more than half of all Americans will travel somewhere this
holiday season. Unfortunately, all of this increased traffic on the road also increases the number of
accidents. A holiday celebration can quickly turn into a tragedy in the event of an accident. Therefore,
it is important for every driver on the road to exercise extreme caution this holiday season in order
to keep everyone’s loved ones safe.

Each driver on the road can help keep the holiday season a happy time by following these safety tips:

  • Leave early. By giving yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, you can avoid stress and avoid
    the temptation to rush or speed, endangering your passengers as well as everyone else on the road.
  • Take plenty of breaks. Frequent short breaks can help you stay alert and stress-free on the road.
  • Never drive while tired. Many accidents are caused when people drive while overly tired. The effects
    of extreme tiredness are similar to those of driving while under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes,
    drivers even fall asleep behind the wheel. Switch driving shifts with another driver, and never hesitate
    to pull over and take a much-needed break from driving.
  • Keep emergency equipment in your car. Even with all of the proper safety precautions, accidents can
    still occur. Have emergency and repair equipment, including jumper cables, a spare tire, and road flares,
    in your car in case of an accident.
  • Be aware of inclement weather and traffic. Listen to local radio for weather and traffic updates, or
    call a relative to learn about problems on the road ahead.
  • Have alternate routes in mind. Plan your trip ahead of time and keep a map in your vehicle to determine
    detours in the event of heavy traffic or bad weather conditions.

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