Dangerous Toys

Each year, many toys are recalled due to their dangerous components or other defects in response to injuries sustained by children. Over the years, toy manufacturers have imposed increasingly strict regulations on their toys to ensure the safety and well being of children. In 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled only 38 types of toys, a number drastically lower than the 162 toys recalled in 2008 and the 148 in 2007.

Unfortunately, despite the recent strengthening of safety regulations and the crackdown on preventing the sale and distribution of dangerous toys, consumers must stay vigilant and be aware that not all toys on the shelf are safe. The most common dangers include toys that do not provide an adequate warning about choking hazards, electronic or battery-powered toys that have unsafe noise levels, and toys that contain high levels of dangerous chemicals, such as lead paint and phthalates.

Concerned parents should understand that any toy can become unsafe if used incorrectly or if a child is able to take the toy apart into smaller pieces. In addition, parents should strictly follow the age recommendations outlined on the toy’s packaging.

Smart shoppers should remember the following safety tips when seeking new toys:

  • If your child still puts objects into his or her mouth, do not purchase a toy that contains removable components which present a choking hazard.
  • If the level of noise emitted from a toy seems too loud for your own ears, it is also too loud for your child’s.
  • Toys that contain PVC, metal costume jewelry, and soft plastic toys often contain unsafe levels of phthalates and lead. Use caution and strict judgment when purchasing these toys.

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