Class Action Suits

In a class action lawsuit, a group of individuals collectively sues a party that has harmed them in some manner. These types of suits are useful when a large group of people has been harmed or wronged in an identical or similar manner. Class action suits are also referred to as “mass tort litigation” and “multi-district litigation.”

Why file a Class Action Suit?

Class actions are useful in a variety of ways. These lawsuits:

  • Help multiple parties gain compensation for similar injuries efficiently.
  • Allow individual parties to work together to file a case they do not have the economic means to file alone.
  • Ensure equal compensation for all victims.
  • Allow individuals to be compensated for small wrongs which, individually, are not feasible for pursing legal action.

Courts often discourage these types of cases because when a variety of different individuals have suffered harm, it is unlikely that their injuries are all equally damaging. Therefore, it is difficult to represent this variety of situations as one cohesive case. However, in many cases, when injuries or damages are consistent or similar among parties, a class action suit might be the best action to take.

How to File a Class Action Suit

Unfortunately, filing a class action suit is often a difficult, drawn-out process, since before filing, injured parties must first obtain the court’s permission to fuse their cases into one mass suit. Since class action suits are so large and financially cumbersome, they take much planning and organization to even get off the ground. However, with the help of an experienced and qualified team of attorneys, it is possible to seek compensation for your collective damages.

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