Civil Claims and Expert Witnesses

A qualified Iowa personal injury lawyer may draw on many different resources to build a negligence or intentional tort claim. Demonstrating the extent of an injury and how it occurred in court may require many different types of information. A common technique used by both plaintiffs and defendants is to consult with an expert witness: a highly knowledgeable individual who can contribute relevant information to a case.

If you are interested in taking legal action against a negligent party that has caused you harm, you will need to use every legal tool at your disposal. The Law Offices of LaMarca Law Group, P.C. offers a team of experienced Iowa personal injury lawyers, researchers, and paralegals who will give your case the full attention it needs. Call us today at 877-327-2600.

How an Expert Witness Can Help

Many personal injury claims involve more than just legal matters. Depending on the circumstances, the judge or jury may need to learn certain medical, psychological, mechanical, or other kinds of facts to understand what happened. In some cases, this information will fall beyond the scope of your attorney’s qualifications or the average person’s knowledge.

If this is true for your case, your lawyer may consult an expert witness. He or she may simply provide information to your lawyer, or it may be necessary for him or her to testify at the trial. In either case, an expert witness’s job is not to comment on your claim or what compensation you should receive. He or she is only there to provide information that will clarify part of your claim.

Our Iowa personal injury attorneys take pride in the careful research we conduct for every claim we handle. We believe in examining each claim closely and collecting all of the information we need for success.

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