Carbon Monoxide from Your Vehicle

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas, and exposure can cause serious illness or death. Carbon monoxide is produced by gas-powered home appliances and by combustion engines from vehicles. One common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when the gas builds up inside a car because of a leak or malfunction in the car’s exhaust system, or because a vehicle was left running inside a closed garage.

You can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from your vehicle by observing a few safety guidelines:

  • Bring your vehicle to a licensed mechanic at least once every year in order to check the exhaust system. A leak in the system can cause carbon monoxide to collect inside the car, putting everyone at risk for harmful exposure.
  • If you drive a hatchback vehicle or a van and need to leave the hatch open, you need to also make sure that fresh air circulates through your car by opening additional windows or vents. If not, carbon monoxide from the exhaust pipe will be pulled into the car’s interior.
  • Always make sure the garage door is open before you start your car, and be sure to turn off your car before closing the garage door. Never leave your vehicle running inside the garage while the garage door is shut. Never leave your vehicle running inside the garage while the door into your home is open.

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