Burn Injuries

After a fire, victims may suffer from many different burn injuries. Burns range in severity from first degree to third degree, categorized by the part of the skin that is damaged and the type of treatments needed.

Types of Burns

Burns are classified as first, second, or third degree burns. First degree burns, such as sunburns, are the least severe and can heal without medical treatment. However, second and third degree burns can be much more serious.

Second degree burns are classified by having a moist appearance and by forming blisters. They involve both the outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis, as well as inner layers, called the dermis. There are two types of second degree burns:

  • Superficial partial thickness
  • Deep partial thickness

Second degree burns may be relatively mild, such as a blistering sunburn, or much more serious, requiring skin grafts and other extensive medical treatment.

Third degree burns are the most severe and involve all layers of the skin and sometimes underlying internal structures. They often have a waxy appearance, and may be white, red, or brown in color. The skin has been so damaged that it has lost all of its elasticity and all of its pain sensors so that the victim actually feels no pain in the most damaged areas. These burns do not heal without medical assistance.

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