Iowa Boating Accident Laws

Boating can be a great recreational activity for individuals, groups, and families. Many opportunities
exist around Iowa for boating enthusiasts to fish, swim, dive, or simply spend a day out on the water.
However, as with any sport or motor vehicle, accidents can occur. The state of Iowa has specific laws
concerning how a person involved in a boating accident is legally obligated to act.

If you are involved in a boating accident, the state of Iowa has outlined specific responsibilities
you are required to perform.

  • First, stop your boat right away when the accident occurs.
  • Check if there are any injuries or if anyone is in potential danger from the accident, both on your
    boat and on the other boat involved.
  • Provide assistance to anyone who is hurt or in danger. You are obligated to provide help unless the
    action puts yourself or your own passengers at risk.
  • After everyone involved is safe, provide in writing your name, address, and boat identification to anyone
    who was injured and to the owner of any other damaged property. Request this information from others
    involved if they do not provide it.
  • Report the accident on an accident report form to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). The
    report must be made within 48 hours if there was any incidence of injury requiring medical attention,
    disappearance, or death. In the case that the damage to the other party’s property totals more that
    $2000, the report must be filed within five days.

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