Baby Walker Dangers

A baby walker is a wheeled seat surrounded by a plastic or metal frame that allows a baby to wheel around a room freely, mimicking the actions of walking. Despite the enjoyment children gain from this new-found freedom, baby walkers can pose significant danger to babies. Older models of walkers caused almost 26,000 injuries to children in 1997. Newer models of walkers with implemented safety features drastically reduced the number of injuries, but still 3,200 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms after baby walker accidents in 2003.

If you are considering purchasing a baby walker for your child, carefully review the risks and decide if the benefits outweigh the dangers of baby walkers:

  • The most dangerous feature of baby walkers is that they can easily fall over the edge of steps, stairs, decks, curbs, patios, and swimming pools, causing serious injury or death to a child. Newer models of baby walkers have a protective rubber strip along the bottom. If the wheels fall off the edge of a surface, the strip can grip the surface and prevent the walker from tumbling over.
  • With the increased mobility of a baby walker, a child can more easily reach counters, stovetops, and other potentially dangerous areas that were previously out of reach.
  • Wheels can easily get stuck in cracks and crevices, causing the walker to tip over or trapping the child in one spot.
  • Walkers can hinder normal healthy development by preventing a child from strengthening his or her hips and upper thighs.
  • Babies may be reluctant to learn to walk after using a walker because of the ease of moving around with the walker.

Many childcare experts advise parents against purchasing baby walkers, even the newer models. If you do choose to give your child a baby walker, make sure he or she is closely supervised while using it.

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