Avoiding Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks or 18-wheelers are involved in close to half a million accidents every year across the United States. Many drivers feel threatened or nervous when driving near 18-wheelers, however by taking a few proactive steps you can greatly reduce your risk of an accident with a large truck whether you are driving on a city road or the highway.

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How to Drive Safely Near 18-Wheelers

Many truck drivers drive long-hauls cross country and fail to recognize the potential danger of their vehicle during these trips. If you and your loved ones remain aware of the danger, you may be able to cut down the risk of an accident. Some important safety tips include:

  • Be aware of how 18-wheelers are acting so you can anticipate the worst
  • Do not follow closely behind in traffic (this includes drafting)
  • Avoid driving in 18-wheeler’s blind spots
  • Do not cut off trucks when passing them

These vehicles can cause major destruction because of their size and momentum when traveling on the road. Although you cannot control the actions of other drivers, by remembering these safety tips you may be able to increase your safety on the road.

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